Connect The Dots

1,000 tweets in 24 hours.

To keep up with the social media blitz that organized the Arab Spring revolution, NPR’s senior strategist pumped out the above social media statistic (Hildy 2012).

Any cause, rather it be a revolution or a food bank, “needs networks of people who have the strength to pull together in the face of opposition” (Hildy 2012). The Arab Spring was able to do just that.

The challenge then is to get the right people connected in your network so your cause can move forward. After all, your initial network has to be composed of people who can connect your idea quickly and powerfully to others.

I hope to blog more about this in the coming months.


Gottlieb, Hildy.2012. “Lessons For Nonprofits From the Arab Spring”. The Chronicle of Philanthropy. 12 January 2012. (12 January 2012).

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